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Bitte geben Sie einen Ort (oder Postleitzahl) an, in dem Sie die Leistung suchen.
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Library card issue for minors

A library card for minors is available immediately after registration in a library.

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  • Forms

    Forms: Registration form
    Online procedure possible: partial
    Written form required: partial
    Personal appearance necessary: partial

  • Detailed description

    If you have registered in a library, you will immediately receive a library card for minors in person or sent by post. The card enables children and young people to borrow or order books or media in a library and to make use of any other library services. For each loan, the ID card must be presented.
    Note: The validity of the library card is limited in time (e.B 12 months), so you must apply for an extension if necessary.

  • Requirements

    Minority within the meaning of the legislation

  • Documents
    • valid identity card or passport with current registration certificate from the responsible residents' registration office or other official identity card with indication of residence
    • Declaration of consent of a parent or guardian
  • Fees

    "Usage fee for 12 months: EUR 0.00 – 6.00"
    "Issue a replacement CARD: EUR 2.50 – 5.50"

  • Process

    A library card for minors is available after prior registration:

    • Submit the application documents to the library.
    • Pay the usage fee.
    • You will then receive the library card immediately on site or by post within a few days.
  • Duration
    • personally on site: about 15 minutes
    • by post: maximum 10 days
  • Responsible authority

    the respective library

  • Legal basis

    Terms of use of the respective library

    Fee schedule of the respective library

  • Pointer
    • Children can usually receive their own library card from the beginning of school (school enrolment).
    • Loss of identification or changes in personal data must be reported immediately to the library.
    • The card remains the property of the library and is not transferable to other persons.
  • Approved

    Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg

  • Approved date