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Architects' association apply for registration

Applying for registration in the architectural society for the state of Brandenburg

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  • Forms
    • Registration via the online procedure:


  • Detailed description

    A partnership company, partnership company with limited professional liability or a corporation may use the professional titles "architect" or "architect", "interior designer" or "interior designer", "landscape architect" or "landscape architect" and "urban planner" or these job titles with additions or word combinations only in their name or your company if they are incorporated into a special directory, the company directory, are registered with the Chamber of Architects or are entitled to do so as an external company.

  • Requirements
    • The object of the company is the performance of the professional tasks of architects, interior designers, landscape architects or urban planners,
    • the professionals hold at least half of the capital and voting shares and the other shares are held by natural persons who, by virtue of their professional training, can contribute to the attainment of the purpose of the undertaking and pursue a liberal profession,
    • the majority of the persons authorised to conduct the business are professionals and it is ensured that the company is managed responsibly by professionals,
    • capital shares may not be held for the account of third parties and voting rights may not be exercised for third parties or by third parties,
    • in the case of public limited companies and partnerships limited by shares, the shares are registered shares,
    • the transfer of capital and shares is subject to the consent of all shareholders, and
    • the professional obligations applicable to professionals under § 25 brandenburg Architects Act are observed by the company
  • Documents
    • Publicly certified, i.e. notarial copy of the company or partnership agreement, in which the requirements of § 7 para. 2 sentence 1 BbgArchG, in the case of partnership companies only section 7, are regulated;
    • Proof of the existence of professional indemnity insurance that meets the minimum requirements of § 10 BbgArchG (the proof must expressly state that the company itself is the policyholder);
    • Proof of registration of the corporation in the commercial register, the partnership company in the partnership register;
    • proof of eligibility to use the professional title;
    • List of all shareholders with information on their respective professional affiliation;
    • Copy of fee payment receipt
  • Fees
    • €510.00
    • The application fee must be transferred to the following account of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects, stating the name or company and the purpose of use mentioned below:
    • IBAN: DE09160200864910112282
    • BIC: HYVEDEMM470 HypoVereinsbank
    • Purpose: Application Company
  • Process
    • Registration is made on request
    • The decision is made by the Registration Committee of the Chamber of Architects
    • The procedure can also be handled via the Point of Single Contact within the meaning of the Act on the Point of Single Contact for the State of Brandenburg as a Single Point within the meaning of §§ 71a to 71e of the Administrative Procedure Act
  • Duration

    The decision shall be taken without delay and at the latest within three months of the submission of the complete dossier.

  • Deadline

    No deadlines

  • Responsible authority

    Brandenburg Chamber of Architects

    Kurfürstenstrasse 52

    14467 Potsdam, Potsdam, New Year

    Phone 03 31/27 59 1-0

    Fax: 03 31/27 59 111

    E-mail: info@ak-brandenburg.de

  • Legal basis

    Brandenburg Architects Act:


    Partnership Companies Act:


    Fee schedule of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects:


  • Pointer

    By being included in the list of companies, the society does not become a member of the Chamber of Architects

  • Approved

    Ministry of Economy and Energy

    of the State of Brandenburg

    Heinrich-Mann-Allee 107

    14473 Potsdam, Potsdam, German.

    Phone: +49 (0)331 866-1676

    Fax: +49 (0)331 866-1753

  • Approved date