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Bitte geben Sie einen Ort (oder Postleitzahl) an, in dem Sie die Leistung suchen.
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At regular intervals, you must check whether your vehicle is still fit for traffic.

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  • Forms

    Forms: none

    Personal appearance necessary: no

    Online procedure possible: partially

    Written form required: no

  • Detailed description

    Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles must be regularly inspected (HU). You may not drive your vehicle on public transport without a valid HU. This applies to motor vehicles subject to registration.

    As a vehicle owner, you are responsible for registering your vehicle for HU in good time. They do not receive a request from the Office for this.  You also have to bear the costs yourself.

    The main investigation (HU) checks whether your vehicle is still

    • traffic-safe,
    • in accordance with the rules and
    • Environmentally sound

    let drive.

    The HU is usually called "TÜV" in colloquial terms, because in the past only the Technical Surveillance Association (TÜV) was responsible. In the meantime, other organisations are also allowed to carry out the HU. In addition to the technical testing bodies, these include so-called officially recognised monitoring organisations, for example:

    • the German Motor Vehicle Surveillance Association (DEKRA),
    • the Company for Technical Supervision (GTÜ) or
    • the Motor Vehicle Surveillance Organisation of Professional Motor Vehicle Experts (KÜS).

    Since 2010, the exhaust gas test (AU) has been part of the HU. The general "TÜV badge" therefore replaces the hexagonal badge on the front license plate. Recognised workshops can also be carried out by the AU before the HU, but no more than two months earlier.

    These items must be included in the vehicle for a HU:

    • dressing box (check the expiry date),
    • Warning triangle
    • Warning vest,
    • Charger
    • towbar, if it is removable, and
    • all seats, if they can be removed.

    If you want to make sure that you do not need to check due to minor defects, you should check beforehand whether the following car parts are working and undamaged:

    • Car registration plates (must be clearly visible and securely attached),
    • Headlights, luminaires and retro-reflectors,
    • Seat belts
    • Tire tread depth (at least 1.6 millimeters),
    • disc wipers/windscreen washer,
    • Indoor and exterior mirrors,
    • Indicator lights in the vehicle,
    • Windscreen
    • Horn and
    • Exhaust.


    • The investigation report must be submitted in the event of registration and re-registration of a motor vehicle.
    • The dressing box and warning triangle must be carried for the main examination.
  • Requirements


  • Documents
    • Registration certificate Part I (former vehicle registration certificate)
    • in the case of unlicensed motor vehicles: Registration certificate Part II (previous vehicle letter)
    • if available: Last investigation report
    • in the case of technical changes: evidence
    • in the case of subsequent installations: General operating licence for vehicle parts or international approvals for vehicle parts
  • Fees

    For each type of vehicle approximately between EUR 65 and EUR 115.

  • Process

    You must make an appointment for HU in person.

    • Find out more about local testing centres and make an appointment.
    • Bring all the necessary documents and pay for the investigation.
    • After your HU, you will receive a written investigation report. If no significant defects have been found, you will receive
      • a test stamp with the deadline until the next test in the vehicle registration certificate and
      • a test badge attached to the rear license plate. The badge also shows the year and month of the next HU date due.
    • If the inspection body detects significant or dangerous defects, you must bring the vehicle for inspection within one month.
      • Even if you have one month between HU and inspection, you must correct any defects found immediately after the HU.
      • If you allow the month period to pass, you must repeat the HU.
    • If your vehicle is no longer safe for traffic, the test badge will be removed from your vehicle and you will no longer be allowed to participate in road traffic.

    Note: You may also be represented by an authorised person.

  • Duration

    Execution HU: about 30 minutes (without possible waiting times) for a passenger car.

  • Deadline

    You can see the date for the next HU on the test badge.
    The deadlines applicable to you depend on the vehicle class.

  • Responsible authority

    An officially recognised monitoring organisation or technical testing body of your choice.

  • Point of contact

    An officially recognised monitoring organisation or technical testing body of your choice.

  • Legal basis
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  • Approved

    Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

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