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Bitte geben Sie einen Ort (oder Postleitzahl) an, in dem Sie die Leistung suchen.
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From your 27th birthday, you will receive an annual pension information from your pension insurance institution if you have paid a total of at least 5 years of contributions. You can also request the pension information informally at any time.

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  • Forms

    Forms: none

    Online procedure possible: yes

    Written form required: no

    Personal appearance necessary: no

  • Detailed description

    The pension information gives you an overview of your acquired entitlements and the amount of the old-age pension you can expect. The pension information includes, among other things:

    • a presentation of your contributions paid so far,
    • an indication of the amount of pension rights you have acquired, both for an old-age pension and for a pension for full disability, and
    • an extrapolation of your old-age pension rights at the time of reaching the standard old-age pension.

    The extrapolation is based on a contribution payment as on average over the last five calendar years. Pension information is therefore an important basis for planning your additional private and occupational pension provision.

    Together with your first pension information, you will also receive an insurance history. You can find the times and earnings stored in your pension insurance account.

    Note: Pension information is also sent abroad. However, automatic shipping ends when you live abroad if you have not paid any contributions to the German pension insurance for more than three years.

  • Requirements
    • You are or were insured with the German Pension Insurance.
    • You have reached the age of 27.
    • You have paid contributions to the statutory pension scheme for at least five years.
    • You do not yet receive a pension from your own insurance.
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  • Process

    You will automatically receive your pension information by post every year as soon as you have met the requirements. You do not have to submit an application. You can also request pension information informally at any time.

    If you would like to receive your pension information by post, you can request it online without further registrations:

    • Go to the website of the German Pension Insurance and click on "Online Services". Select "Online services without registration" from the drop-down menu and click on "Request insurance documents"
    • In the "Request from..." box, select "Pension Information" and provide the rest of the data.
    • Click Submit.
    • You will receive your pension information by post.

    If you would like to receive your pension information directly online, you must first register online:

    • Go to the website of the German Pension Insurance and click on "Online Services".
    • Select "Online Services with Registration" from the drop-down menu. Register now either:
      • with your identity card (eID) or your residence permit (eAT) with activated online identification function or
      • your electronic signature card.
    • You will then see your pension information on the screen. However, if your pension information is currently in progress or contains implausible data, no screen display will be made. You will be informed.
  • Duration

    Online procedure with registration: usually no

    Online procedure without registration: about 7 days

  • Deadline


  • Responsible authority
  • Point of contact

    The pension insurance institution responsible for you can be found through the information and advice centre finder of the German Pension Insurance.

    Phone: 0800 1000-4800 (toll free)
    Service hours:
    Monday to Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  • Legal basis
  • Pointer

    The amounts mentioned in the pension information are gross values. Of the above-mentioned pension amount, health and care insurance contributions and, where applicable, taxes are still to be paid.

    In addition, the pension information contains an explicit indication that the calculation of your projected pension is done without taking into account the loss of purchasing power. On the back of your pension information you will find a concrete calculation example of the loss of purchasing power.

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    Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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