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Bitte geben Sie einen Ort (oder Postleitzahl) an, in dem Sie die Leistung suchen.
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Training companies and apprentices advise and support

The Chamber promotes the implementation of vocational training preparation, vocational training and vocational retraining by advising all parties involved.

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  • Forms
    • Forms: depending on the type of advice, not for registration
    • Online procedure possible: no
    • Written form required: no
    • Personal appearance necessary: depending on the type of consultation
  • Detailed description

    As training companies, retraining institutions and providers of vocational training preparation measures as well as trainees, retrainees and participants in vocational training preparation, you will be advised and supported there.

    For example, in the event of conflicts between trainees and companies, questions about measures to prepare trainees or opportunities for stays abroad, you can contact the office responsible for your training. Depending on the profession and region, this is, for example, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or another chamber.

    As a company, retraining institution and provider of vocational training preparations, you provide the consultants with all the necessary information and documents and also grant them access to the training facilities.

    If you would like to do part of your vocational training abroad, the Chamber will advise you if you would like to go abroad for more than eight weeks, the training company and the Chamber will agree on a separate training plan.

  • Documents
    • Depending on the type of advice possible, you can find out more about it from your responsible office
  • Fees

    As a rule, there are no fees for the consultation.

  • Process

    You should seek an interview directly with the consultant of the responsible body if you have any questions or ambiguities regarding training,
    Discontinue retraining or vocational preparation:

    • The consultant will make an appointment with you for an initial consultation.
    • A detailed consultation is then usually conducted as soon as possible in your training center.
    • If the consultant determines that further discussions, site visits, documents or evidence are necessary, a next appointment will be arranged with you in a timely manner.
    • Alternatively, the consultant can also stipulate that you stay in contact by telephone, e-mail or in writing.

    Once all open questions have been clarified from your point of view and in accordance with the consultant's requirements, the procedure is completed.

  • Duration
    • The procedure usually takes between three and 30 days
    • If the consultant needs additional on-site appointments, documents or evidence from the company/retraining institution/vocational preparation provider to clarify questions, the time will be extended accordingly
  • Deadline
    • As specified by the competent authority
  • Responsible authority

    Federal Employment Agency (BA), Approved municipal institutions (zkT): Career guidance, but also advice on consolidating the training relationship (according to § 29 SGB III)

    Chambers of Crafts; Chambers of Industry and Commerce (according to § 76 BBiG)

  • Legal basis
  • More informationen

    Further information can be found on the homepage of the responsible body or can be obtained from the training advisory service there.

  • Approved

    Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

  • Approved date