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You can apply for a volunteer card with discounts with cooperation partners at the State Chancellery.

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  • Forms

    Online procedure possible: Yes, for single application for organisations

    Written form required: yes

    Personal appearance required: no

  • Detailed description

    The joint volunteer card of the states of Brandenburg and Berlin is issued to citizens who are outstandingly committed to the community. The volunteer card can be obtained if you:

    • has committed at least one year to the extent of 200 hours,

    • carries out voluntary work in Brandenburg or Berlin and

    • intends to continue the volunteer work.

    The commitment may not be associated with any remuneration or expense allowance that goes beyond the reimbursement of expenses. Proof of the nature and scope of the voluntary work is provided by the organisation in which the voluntary work is carried out.

    The volunteer card can also be applied for by Juleica holders.

    The three-year term of the volunteer card begins from the date of issue. It is provided in credit card format, is personal and non-transferable. After expiration, the volunteer card can be applied for again.

    The cardholder receives various discounts from designated partners of the volunteer card in Brandenburg and Berlin, such as .B museums, cultural institutions, shops, catering companies and other service providers. An overview of all partners and discounts can be found under

  • Requirements

    • at least one year of voluntary work of 200 hours;

    • Exercise of voluntary work in Brandenburg or Berlin;

    • Intention to continue volunteering;

    • Confirmation of the organization for which the honorary office is exercised

  • Documents

    Completed application confirmed by the relevant organisation

  • Process

    Individual application:

    You can apply for a volunteer card in writing using the form provided:

    Open the form under as pdf and fill it out online. Then print it out and sign it.

    Send the completed form to the organization for which you are volunteering for signature confirmation;

    Send the completed form to the address indicated in the form.

    You will receive your volunteer card by post after examination of the application in credit card format.

    Single application for organisations:

    The volunteer card can be ordered by all organizations oriented towards the common good in which volunteers are active. With an online form, organisations can submit a collective application for their volunteers.

    Open the form under and fill it out online.

    After submitting the online form, you will be contacted by the Brandenburg State Chancellery by e-mail.

    In doing so, they receive:

    • a password-protected table in which you must enter the names of the volunteers.
    • the submission of a privacy policy, which every volunteer must sign.

    By returning the table by e-mail, you ensure that the application list has been filled in correctly and that the data protection guidelines have been complied with.

    Upon receipt of the completed table, the State Chancellery will produce the personalised volunteer cards, which will then be sent to you by post. The processing of your application can take 2-3 weeks.

    Please pass on the volunteer cards to your volunteers as soon as possible (at the latest three months after receipt of the cards). The type of distribution (shipping, personal delivery) is decided by the organization.

  • Duration

    2 to 3 weeks

  • Responsible authority

    Coordination Office for Civic Engagement

    State Chancellery of the State of Brandenburg – Unit 14

    Heinrich-Mann-Allee 107

    D-14473 Potsdam

    Phone: 0331 866 1008

    fax: 0331 866 1133


    Owners of the "Juleica" in Brandenburg send their application to the following address:


    Landesjugendring Brandenburg

    Breite Straße 7a

    14467 PotsdamPhone: 0331 620 75 55

    Fax: 0331 620 75 38

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  • Approved

    State Chancellery of the State of Brandenburg

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