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Certificate of completion Issuance

The certificate of completion is required for the division of a property into condominiums.

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  • Forms
    • no federal/state form
    • Forms developed by the competent authorities themselves must be inquired
  • Detailed description
    • issuing a certificate that a Condominium or a partial property within the meaning of the home ownership office (WEG) baulich is sufficiently closed by other apartments and rooms.
    • Required condition for the Land Registry of the property in order to justify the partial ownership.
  • Requirements
    • the project to be parted must be approved by the building supervision
    • the intended division must comply with the building planning law
    • the partial ownership must be completed in the planning law sense
  • Documents
    • Site plan (property map, including all facilities and buildings)
    • Land register extract (as up-to-date as possible)
    • Distribution plan (from it the degree of closure must be seen)
    • Floor plan and view plan (also serves to detect the closure)
  • Fees

    According to state law, a fee may be charged for the issuance of the certificate of completion.

  • Process
    • Receipt of the application with the competent authority of the counties, the non-circular cities or the large towns belonging to the district
    • Registration of documents
    • Confirmation of receipt, if necessary additional claims in case of incompleteness
    • Examination of documents
    • Issuing of the certificate (and fee notice)
    • Sending the documents to the applicant, the applicant
  • Duration

    2 - 5 weeks after submission of the complete documents

  • Deadline
    • no standardised time limits beyond general procedural law
    • individual deadlines may be set by the licensing authorities for the submission of missing documents
  • Responsible authority

    The land registry offices at the local courts are responsible

  • Legal basis
  • Pointer

    The processing time depends to a large extent on the quality and completeness of the required documents.

  • Approved

    Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitization Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

  • Approved date