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Bitte geben Sie einen Ort (oder Postleitzahl) an, in dem Sie die Leistung suchen.
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University access for gifted people without a university entrance qualification Information provision

All information about studying for gifted students without a high school diploma can be obtained directly from the university where you would like to study.

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  • Forms

    Forms: no
    Online procedure possible: partly
    Written form required: no
    Personal appearance necessary: no

  • Detailed description

    The promotion of the gifted in Germany consists mainly of state-funded study grants, which are awarded by gifted students and foundations to particularly gifted students, usually in the form of scholarships.
    In order to receive a gifted grant, a proposal must be made by a headmaster/university teacher/department or an informal application must be submitted to the gifted promotion organizations.
    The prerequisite is an enrolment at a German university or a German degree with doctoral qualification at a German university. The award is made in a performance-oriented selection process.

  • Requirements

    Check with the respective university.

  • Documents

    Check with the respective university.

  • Fees


  • Process

    Check with the respective university.

  • Duration


  • Deadline


  • Responsible authority

    the respective university

  • Legal basis
  • Pointer

    Depending on the university, it may be necessary to submit work samples or pass an aptitude test. In some cases, a trial course must also be successfully completed.

  • Approved

    Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg

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