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Execution permit for flying structures

Execution permit for flying buildings

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  • Forms

    Written form requirement, no online procedure

  • Detailed description

    Flying structures are structures that are suitable and intended to be repeatedly erected and dismantled in different places. They require an execution permit (e.B tent halls, carousels). This is issued by the Testing Centre for Flying Structures (TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH, Regional Area Berlin).

    The execution permit is granted for a limited period of time (up to five years) after successful examination of the submitted documents including initial acceptance. It may be extended on request. The execution permit, its extensions and all associated documents are summarized in a bound test book, which accompanies the flying construction at all installation sites.

  • Requirements

    Before the execution permit is issued, the Flying Construction must be set up for testing. The trial installation can be dispensed with if it is not necessary for the assessment of the stability or operational safety of the flying construction.

  • Documents

    The application for an execution permit must be accompanied by the necessary building templates in duplicate.

    (a) construction and operating descriptions;

    (b) construction drawings on paper, fabric or equivalent (clear presentation of the entire plant, for example on a scale of 1 : 100 or 1 : 50),

    (c) individual drawings of the load-bearing components and their connections, for example on a scale of 1 : 10 or 1 : 5;

    (d) structural evidence and safety certificates relating to mechanical parts and electrical installations;

    (e) principal circuit diagrams for electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic components or equipment;

    f) Drawings on the arrangement of the escape routes and their dimensions with mathematical proof for tents with more than 400 visitor places.

  • Fees

    1.4 percent of the production costs, at least 100€

    In accordance with subheadings 6.1-6.4 of the Brandenburg Building Fee Regulations

  • Process

    The execution permit is entered in a test book. A copy of the original building templates required for the extension test and the acceptance of use and provided with a test note shall be attached to the test book.

    The test book must be permanently bound and provided with consecutive page numbers.

  • Duration

    3-6 months

  • Deadline

    The execution permit is valid for between one and five years, depending on the type of installation and execution. It may be extended by the appropriate period upon request.

  • Responsible authority

    TÜV Rheinland Industry

  • Point of contact

    Inspection centre for flying structures

  • Legal basis

    § 76 Brandenburg Building Code

    § 20 Bautechnische Prüfungsverordnung

    Administrative regulation on execution permits for flying structures and their acceptance of use

  • Approved

    Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning Brandenburg

  • Approved date